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Shelbourne FC and Innumeris Education partner up to provide academic support for academy players

Founder & Chairperson of Innumeris Education, Daniel Olaniyi, is pictured with the Head of Shelbourne FC's Youth Academy, Colm Barron, along with a couple of Shelbourne FC youth players

Innumeris Education are proud to announce this partnership with Shelbourne FC offering academic support for their academy players who are exploring further education opportunities both at home and abroad.

Innumeris is an educational project with the mission of tailoring academic support towards secondary school pupils and student-athletes who would like to attend university after school. We are committed to guiding and inspiring the next generation of students in their pursuit of third-level education. When it comes to supporting student-athletes, we are passionate about proving that strong academic and athletic performance can go hand-in-hand. Our team includes former student-athletes from top universities such as Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Harvard University and Oxford University who have proven that this is possible. Our programme patrons and ambassadors are also living proof of this academic and athletic balance.

“This is an incredibly beneficial partnership and programme for our talented male and female Academy players. It is of utmost importance that our players understand the need for dual learning in both academic and athletic performance and this programme will allow them to focus on both. Many opportunities await for these young people and both ourselves and Innumeris Education are excited to help expand their options for their future. I’d like to thank Daniel and his team for their superb work thus far and we’re excited for what the future holds.”

David O’Connor (CEO, Shelbourne FC)

“We are delighted to solidify our partnership with Shelbourne FC by providing academic support and guidance for players who intend on pursuing university opportunities alongside their sporting careers. Many footballers in the past have abandoned educational opportunities to focus on their footballing career. This programme will allow them to focus on both. We look forward to getting the ball rolling and helping them with upcoming exams!”

Daniel Olaniyi (Founder and Chairperson, Innumeris Education)

For more information, please check out our website at and if any businesses are interested in sponsoring a player for this academic support, please get in touch with us at


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