Our Programmes

Academic Mentoring & Tuition Programme

Innumeris provides students with regular group-mentoring sessions as well as additional information regarding educational support schemes, college courses, and study skills.

Student-Athlete  Programme

This is carried out in collaboration with the FAI to help elite athletes in their pursuit of higher education. As well as availing of academic tuition, athletes are offered guidance  surrounding sport scholarship opportunities in the USA, UK and Ireland.

About our Programmes

Innumeris Education is an educational project created for secondary school students who wish to pursue third-level education after school.

The team at Innumeris is made up of a mix of students, graduates, and professionals, all working together to help younger students realise their potential.


We work predominately with students from second-level schools in areas that are traditionally under-represented at third-level education. We want to push students to dream bigger, work harder, and achieve more.

The goal of the programme is simple:

Help students find bridges where they once saw barriers.

How does it work?

Student applies on

the Innumeris website.

Innumeris pairs the student with one of our many mentors. 

Student attends group mentoring sessions over the course of the academic year.

The sessions cover study skills, exam preparation, timetabling & more to assist the student during the academic year.


Our Academic Mentoring  Programme

The sessions will take you through study skills, exam preparation, timetabling, and all the other skills needed to perform to the best of your ability in the Leaving Certificate. Innumeris also holds technical sessions which include advice and support with regards to mental health, scholarships, as well as HEAR, DARE, and SUSI applications.


At Innumeris, both students and mentors form a community of individuals who want to better themselves. The sessions are informal, supportive, and tailored towards the students' needs. When needed and if possible, we can also help tutor students with certain subjects they are struggling with in school. 


The sessions are not school classes.

While the mentoring sessions are not directly focused on particular university courses, the mentor providing the session will be knowledgeable in your area of interest.


These areas include:

Reviewing the Laws

Social Sciences

Includes courses like Law, Politics, Business, Economics and Psychology.


Lab Experiment

Health & Science

Includes courses like Nursing, Medicine, Human Health and Disease, Biomedical Science.

Technology Class

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Includes courses like General Science, Maths, Computer Science, and Engineering.

Researching and Writing

Arts and Humanities

Includes courses like English Literature, Film, Drama, and Philosophy.

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Student-Athlete Mentoring
& Tuition 

This is a project carried out by Innumeris Education in collaboration with the FAI in order to help encourage and assist elite footballers in their pursuit of higher education. It is available to academy footballers who are in their senior cycle of secondary school and are interested in pursuing higher education while still compteting at an elite level. 


This coming year, Innumeris will welcome applications from elite footballers to apply for a programme where they will be exposed to numerous opportunities that can help further both their academic and athletic career. Please see below to view what is offered on this programme.



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