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Child Protection

At Innumeris, we take child protection very seriously. As such, pursuant to the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012, every mentor under Innumeris has been Garda vetted under this organisation. In addition to this, all mentors have received training on child protection. Unlike our designated mentors, subject grinds tutors which we may refer students to if they believe that they may require additional aid do not work directly for Innumeris. As such, we require that every parent individually contact such tutors themselves and ensure they comply with relevant child protection concerns under their private arrangement.



You can find our Child Safeguarding Statement here.


For any further queries regarding child protection, please contact our Designated Liaison Person Daniel Olaniyi at

Data Protection

Pursuant to GDPR regulations and data protection laws, here at Innumeris we are firm in ensuring that any student’s data is not shared with irrelevant third parties. We also require a student’s consent in holding any data once their mentoring scheme commences.

Once students are enrolled, they will be informed of their data rights and would consent to any data being delivered to their assigned mentor. Such data would be safely secured for mentors to review and determine how mentees can achieve their goals. Furthermore, such data would be deleted once a mentee finishes their course.


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