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Innumeris Education is an educational project tailored towards secondary school pupils and student-athletes who would like to attend university after school. We are committed to guiding and inspiring the next generation of students in their pursuit of third-level education.


We want to highlight that through education, their achievements and opportunities are countless.

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Our Mission

"To help inspire, guide and motivate secondary school students in their pursuit of third-level education."

How does it work?

Student applies on

the Innumeris website.

Innumeris pairs the student with one of our many mentors. 

Student attends  mentoring sessions over the course of the academic year.

The sessions cover study skills, career guidance, exam preparation, timetabling & more to assist the student during the academic year.

Teacher Helping Student

What we do?

As a Mentoring Initiative, we are devoted to helping students from under-served communities pursue third-level education. This begins with their Leaving Certificate performance.

OUR Team

Our members, who have an excellent track record of academic performance, provide study tips and plans, as well as insights into their field of study and their own experiences of University, and life thereafter.

Working on a Project

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Want to get involved at Innumeris?  Do you want to learn more about us? 

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