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Year 2 of Innumeris Kicks off with a day of Shadowing Shamrock Rovers' Athletic Therapist!

We at Innumeris are glad to commence year 2 of our mentoring programme! While our meet and greet session will officially start this Sunday, one of our current Innumeris students Sean was fortunate enough to meet with Shamrock Rovers athletic therapist Kieran and shadowed him for a day. Innumeris provides students with regular group-mentoring sessions as well as additional information regarding educational support schemes, college courses, and study skills. Such sessions include giving our students an insight into the day and life of the profession that they intend to embark on.

Innumeris will soon release testimonials of students on our programme last year who have gone onto to pursue fantastic courses! Co-Head Mentor Courteney Tunstead, who is co-coordinating such testimonials notes the benefits of doing this and says "our students are our primary focus and witnessing their achievements is what keeps us going." Keep an eye out for their testimonials in the next coming days!

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