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Innumeris welcomes Alternative Careers in Sport Speaker Series!

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Introducing our new speaker series ‘Alternative Careers in Sports’! We have interviewed 3 inspiring professionals across various industries to gain an insight into their experiences during their career!

Building on the recent successes of our student-athletes receiving full academic and athletic scholarship opportunities in the USA, we wanted to continue to engage with successful professionals, showing that your passion for sport can be channelled into different career paths. This series coincides with our ethos of balancing both academics and athletic interest in everything you do!

The episodes will be posted week on week, with the first episode being released Sunday the 14th of August!

Big thanks to Kingsley Boateng FRSA, Jennifer Greene and Ian Reeves for giving up their time to join us on this series.

The interview with Kingsley can be watched here:

The interview with Jennifer can be watched here:

The interview with Ian can be watched here:


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