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"Innumeris will never give up on you." Hear from Innumeris student who starts her course at UCD!

To mark year 2 of Innumeris, our co-head mentor Courteney decided to catch up with some of our students who enrolled in the programme last year and who have now commenced their studies in university. Today we wanted you to hear from Ana-Danielle, a student at Innumeris who attended ballbriggan community college and is now studying Law and Politics at UCD. An account of her time at Innumeris can be seen below:

  • "Innumeris is a wonderful programme which helped me tap into and unlock my full potential. Innumeris will never give up on you; the support I received from my mentor and the entire Innumeris team was invaluable. I’m currently a law and politics student at UCD (my first choice!!), and every single day so far has been enjoyable, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. It’s all thanks to their dedication that I was able to get to my goal, you won’t regret becoming a part of this amazing organisation. I couldn’t recommend them more!"

We are delighted to see how our students are progressing! We hope to continue this work with our new batch of students this year. Check out our website next week to find out how our other students got on!

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