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Innumeris Student Awarded a Sports Scholarship!

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

We at Innumeris would like to congratulate to Nicole, a student of ours at Innumeris on being offered a sports scholarship to support her studies at Maynooth University! This is a Rugby scholarship that is reserved for students who have reached a very high level of performance at a National or Provincial level during their time in school. Nicole (pictured with our student-athlete life coach Adam Molloy and Rugby student-athlete mentor Fionn Kenna) was part of our student-athlete mentoring programme at Innumeris, a mentoring scheme tailored towards students who are currently competing at a high sporting level and would like to continue that in university. We at Innumeris are absolutely delighted to hear the news and wish her the very best of luck in her studies! Innumeris will soon be opening applications for year 2 of our student-athlete mentoring programme. Keep an eye out on our socials to hear more!

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