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"I’m forever grateful" past Innumeris pupil reflects on programme and tells us about Trinity!

As part of our "Meet The Students" series, this week we wanted to introduce Caelan, one of our Innumeris students who was on our social science mentoring stream last year. Caelan attended Lucan Community College and is now studying Business Economics and Social Studies (B.E.S.S.) at Trinity College Dublin. This was his first ranked choice on his CAO. Our co-head mentor Courteney caught up with him to see how he's getting on. Part of his account can be seen below:

"I’m currently doing B.E.S.S in Trinity. So far I’m loving Trinity and the people in my course, although because Trinity is mostly doing online lectures at the moment, it’s not the easiest thing in the world listening to two hour lectures in my room. Nevertheless, I’m forever grateful for the help that Innumeris has given me over the past year."

Daniel, who was Caelan's social science mentor at the time and our current chairperson, recounts his reaction to receiving the news. "I remember when I got the email and his first line was him innocently wondering whether I still used my email before telling me the great news. Not only was I delighted for him, but it made me realise how time has flown by and how we are already into year 2 of our programme. While we hope to keep going, sometimes it's good to step back and acknowledge the positive impact we've already had on students so far." It's great to see how our former students are doing! Check out our website next week to find out how our other students are getting on!

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