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"I joined Innumeris to get my act together" Student-Athlete awarded a sports scholarship!

We at Innumeris want to congratulate Cian on being awarded a sports scholarship at Maynooth University! Cian attended Lucan Community College and was on our student-athlete programme, the division which assists elite athletes in their pursuit of higher education. Cian is now is a sports scholar with Maynooth University's fresher's team, as well as the Maynooth Fitzgibbon's team. Cian was an amazing student at Innumeris and he gave an account of why he joined Innumeris which can be seen below:

I am currently in my 1st year of Maynooth and I played on the Dublin minor hurlers team before that. Back in secondary school, I found the transition going from 3rd year to senior cycle hard because you didn't get babied as much. My form tutor changed as well and I felt a little out of place with my studies. Adam and Dan gave a speech to my school about this programme called Innumeris. The way they spoke about their journey in school reminded me a little bit about my journey right now. I thought this might be the perfect thing for me to sign up to, so I joined Innumeris to get my act together. It turned out to be a really good decision. Outside of my family, I never met a group of people who cared about my journey the way they did. I ended up taking my studies more seriously and also felt like I was not only working hard for myself, but also for them."

We again want to congratulate Cian for such a great achievement and wish him the best of luck with his studies at Maynooth! We look forward to welcoming more student-athletes in our upcoming pilot programme with the FAI. Stay tuned!

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