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From Pro Footballer to Award Winning CEO: We speak to Innumeris Sponsor Bidemi Afolabi!

Innumeris were delighted to speak to Bidemi Afolabi, who was one of our sponsors that funded the Innumeris Student-Athlete Programme. Bidemi is a former professional footballer who, after playing with Oxford City FC and Bray Wanderers, later studied at Trinity College Dublin, where he met Innumeris Founder and Chairperson Daniel Olaniyi. Bidemi is now an award winning Co-Founder and CEO of Promotion Intelligence, a consumer intelligence company. He was recently listed on the Irish Independent's "30 under 30" list and as one of the ’50 People to Watch in 2021’ by The Irish Times. In this interview, Bidemi talks about how he heard of Innumeris, why he is passionate about programmes like this, and his relationship with our Founder. Worth the watch!

To watch the Interview, click here:

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