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Former Innumeris member awarded PhD Scholarship!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

We at Innumeris would like to congratulate Maitiú Ó Murchú on being awarded the Breakthrough Cancer Research PhD Scholarship 2021. He will join the team of Prof Jacintha O’Sullivan in Trinity College Dublin and work in collaboration with Dr. Helena Kelly’s team in the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland. Maitiu was an essential member of Innumeris when it was first founded in 2020. He lead the communications team at Innumeris and occasionally offered advice to those who were interested in pursuing a degree related to his field. Maitiu attended Coláiste Chilliain secondary school in Clondalkin and later pursued a science degree in UCD. This degree has now led to him partaking in a PhD Scholarship at a renowned institution.

Maitiú’s research focuses on Oesophageal Cancer. Oesophageal cancer is a cancer of the food pipe, and only 1 in 5 people diagnosed with this cancer are alive after 5 years. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these patients don't respond to current treatment approaches (radiation treatment). It is likely that this is due to a lack of oxygen in a patient's tumour, with oxygen playing a key role in successful radiation treatment. This project will use cancer cells in the lab and hospital samples to try to improve the response to radiation treatment by increasing oxygen levels.

Oesophageal cancer (cancer of the food pipe) is a devastating cancer with unmet clinical needs. New treatment options are urgently required for the 450 people diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in Ireland each year. This PhD Scholarship will work towards new treatment approaches for oesophageal cancer patients, especially for patients which are not responding to current treatments.

The Link to Breakthrough Website can be seen here:

The Link to Breakthrough Video can be seen here:

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