Congrats to our Social Science Mentor Daniel on receiving a major scholarship!

Congrats to our very own Daniel on being offered the Lord Denning Scholarship, an award provided by Lincoln's Inns to cover the fees needed for bar school in the UK. Intellectual strength, integrity and a commitment to advocacy are some of the attributes one must demonstrate in order to obtain this competitive scholarship.

To become a barrister, one big barrier that many face is that of funding as bar school can be quite expensive. Because of this, many people seek out scholarships in the UK, making the process of obtaining one extremely competitive. Having prepared hard thanks to the help of mentors and the support of his family hack home in Dublin, Daniel was fortunate enough to be awarded such a scholarship. He now hopes that others at Innumeris can realise that while certain dream professions are hard to obtain, with hard work and perseverance, you can make the dream a reality.


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