A massive congratulations to Dammy, our Health Science Mentor on her recent Graduation!

All of us at Innumeris want to massive congratulate our very own Health Science mentor Dammy, on her recent graduation from Trinity College Dublin in Children's and General Nursing.

Dammy recognises that it is the end of her formal education but draws inspiration for the future from a quote by Nora Ephron, "Your Education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead."

She knows that this is the start of a new chapter in her life & that her four years studying Children's & General Nursing in Trinity College has prepared her for the future where ever it may lead.

She hopes that all our students, with the aid of Innumeris, can also have the same experience that Dammy had.

Once again, we at Innumeris are delighted to have Dammy as a Mentor, congratulate her with her recent graduation & will support her onto the next steps of her future & career.


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